Why I don’t shoot weddings

Written by Guy Walsh

This conversation usually comes up at least once a month at networking events.

Person: “Do you make all your money from weddings?”

Me: “No, I don’t shoot weddings.”

Person: “Why not? Wedding photographers get paid loads!”

On the face of it, I understand why this seems true. Great wedding photographers can charge well into the thousands, but believe me – they earn it!

The beauty of high-ticket photography is that you only need a couple of bookings per month to make a good living, but there is a myth that wedding photographers simply turn up and shoot, and then get paid. There is A LOT of work that goes into creating a high-quality wedding shoot – from the prep to the editing to the organisation of print. Most of it goes on behind the scenes.

Of course, that’s not to say I’m afraid of hard work, far from it. So much of my work is done behind the scenes – from location scouting for personal branding shoots, to curating shot lists for event photography. And then there is the editing, which is a process that I recently documented in this TikTok video.

Anyhow, I digress.

The reason that I don’t shoot weddings is a simple one – it’s not something that I enjoy.

There are so many wonderful wedding photographers out there (and may I recommend Philip Bedford Wedding Photography if you’ve somehow ended up on this page looking for one!) that it simply makes no sense for me to try to complete in a marketplace that I’m not passionate about.

Authenticity First & Foremost

So what AM I passionate about? Authenticity. I’m passionate about helping people put over the best authentic version of themselves in their Personal Branding photos. I’m passionate about telling the authentic story of your event in a way that makes people wish they were there. And I’m passionate about helping families, friends and colleagues create wonderful authentic memories this holiday season.

That’s why I’m offering a FREE PHOTOBOOK WORTH £60 to with selected party/event photography packages this winter, if booked before 30th November. 

These photobooks make wonderful keepsakes. You will receive a 100% custom-created hardback A4 book containing 20 pages of photos taken at your party. These professionally printed photobooks come with a choice of silk or glossy paper finish, and you can order extra copies as presents for your loved ones should you wish.

Want to discuss your party photography needs? I’m always happy to talk. Get in touch now!

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