Event Photography

My role as your event photographer is to capture great images that tell the story of your event.

By capturing both candid and posed moments, I will not only provide you with a wonderful set of photographs to show to customers, investors, colleagues and partners, I will also provide a visual narrative of your event.

Whatever your event – indoors or outdoors, corporate or casualtalk to me about how best to tell your story.


Why use an event photographer?

Customers are actively put off by poor quality images on websites and in print- which is why it pays to hire a professional photographer who can highlight the vibrancy of your event or occasion.

High quality images are reassuring to customers. Not only will an event photographer provide you with clean, crisp images, but you’ll also benefit from my ability to capture candid moments that may otherwise have been missed. You need something that tells your story, that says something about your business – after all, it’s your event! Whether it’s a trade exhibition, social event, corporate fundraiser, team-building away day or workshop – I can help.

Event Management Empathy

I worked in event management for ten years, so I’m able to work within the sensitivities of your event. I’ve organised trade union conferences, wacky promotional activities, and everything in between!

I am also considerate toward more sensitive events: by turning off the mechanical shutter on my camera I am able to work silently and discretely.

A rare photograph of me presenting at one of the many events I’ve organised.

Free Phone or Zoom Consultation

Unsure about your event photography needs?

Book a free no-obligation phone or Zoom consultation
and I’ll help you come up with a plan!

I’ve used Guy a number of times now for various different projects. He’s created staff head-shots for my business, promotional images for social media and photographed a 400-attendee industry conference which I co-organised. He is ever the professional providing excellent service and contact throughout and the photos he produced were of such an excellent standard that I’ve since been recommending him to everyone and anyone. A pleasure to work with!

David, Bewilder Box

Client - Events & Headshots Anywhere

A group of people congregating at an event

Event Photography Pricing