Local Party Photographer for Christmas – free gift worth £60 if booked before 30th November!

Written by Guy Walsh

Local Party Photographer in Leicester

Most of my services are aimed at the business market, but with Christmas coming up I wanted the offer the opportunity for everyone to be able to use a local party photographer.

For this reason, I’ve introduced a special one-hour package for the Christmas season.

From just £129, you can access professional party photography anywhere within 10 miles of Leicester.

If you book two or more hours this Christmas season and pay your deposit before 30th November, you will also receive a gorgeous 20-page A4 photobook as a wonderful souvenir of your party as a gift from me. This photobook normally retails at £60! Please note this offer is not available for business customers.

The beauty of using a professional photographer is that you get to immerse yourself in the celebrations and you won’t have to worry about where you phone is, or missing a crucial moment.

Whether you’re hosting a gathering of family or friends, let me capture those candid moments while you relax with a glass of your favourite tipple with your loved ones.

How to book

Choose your date and time using my online diary now. For two-hour bookings please use the Event Photography two-hour booking option and state that the event is a private party.

Please note that Christmas Day and Boxing Day are not included in this offer. Different rates apply on these dates. Please contact me directly if you wish to book for Christmas or Boxing Day.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Local Party Photographer
Whether your guest of honour is a princess or a grinch – let me capture the moment
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