How I make life easy for event organisers

Written by Guy Walsh

Are you an event organiser? Then you probably know how easy it would be for me to be a pain the arse. Some in my personal life would say it comes naturally to me, but that’s why I take pride in my ability to make your professional life easier.

On the face of it, being an event photographer is a very simple job: turn up, shoot, leave, send photos.

But if it truly was that simple, there would be no need for professional photographers.

When you book me to photograph your event, whether it’s a conference, a party, a networking event, a training seminar, or any other kind of gathering, I take pride in offering the level of service that your event needs.

For some rare events, that will be simply turning up, shooting candids, and sending the edited photos over.

Other events may need a little more strategic planning, such as identifying which shots are needed for future marketing materials, or working out how best to tell the story of the day.

This is why I always like to have a pre-event phone or Zoom conversation. That way we can identify the key shots and ensure that you receive the images that are a strategic priority.

The pre-event briefing

This is usually only a short conversation, and if you’re unsure what shots you need I can help you. Examples of strategic considerations might include:

  • Make sure you get a shot of the keynote speaker with X person
  • Two presentations are happening concurrently – prioritise X
  • Don’t use flash at X workshop
  • Put the camera on silent mode or not shooting at all during a sensitive speech
  • Don’t photograph anyone with a red sticker

We have this meeting ahead of the event so that you don’t have to worry what I’m shooting on the day.

Once that’s done, I’ll check in with you again at the start of the day to see if anything has changed, and work independently throughout the event – leaving you to manage the catering, the late arrivals, and the unexpected tech glitches!

Working as part of a team

My experience at events goes much deeper than most. I’ve been an organiser, a team member, a speaker, a workshop leader, a host and an admin bod.

You’d be surprised how many times I get asked questions that require a deeper understanding of the event than that of a photographer – where is so-and-so, what time is X, who do I speak to about X etc. Not to mention the number of times I get asked where the toilets are!

For this reason I like to turn up early, introduce myself to other team members and familiarise myself with the layout of the venue. This way I can answer questions and queries, and refer delegates to the appropriate people when I can’t myself help.

Got an event coming up?

Have you got a Christmas event coming up? Maybe a staff party or a personal gathering of friends?

Did you know that I’m offering an affordable Party Photography package this Christmas, with a free gift if booked before 30th November? Check it out now, or give me a call to discuss your event photography needs. 

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