Actor Headshots

Did you know that I worked as a professional actor for ten years?

In that time I networked with many directors, casting directors, and producers, and I also had the pleasure of working with some of the best headshot photographers in the south.

I also know first-hand how a poor quality headshot can work against you in your career.

I can provide vibrant headshots that will help you stand out when the casting director is clicking through Spotlight or a working through a huge pile of 8x10s.

Don’t make the same mistake as me!

When I first started out as an actor, I went to a reputable agency using a voucher that I found on Groupon. They delivered a selection of character shots – but they weren’t actor headshots.

An actor headshot is very different from a standard portrait or business headshot, so it makes sense to choose a photographer that knows the industry and who understands what casting directors are looking for.

I’ve also directed a number of plays and run many acting workshops, so I’m able to give you direction in a language that you’ll understand!

Let’s talk!

I’m always happy to talk to fellow creatives. Contact me now to start the conversation and I’ll happily offer guidance based on my own experience.

I offer a selection of packages starting at £99, and I can even come to you. Scroll down for full details.