Free Zoom Backgrounds!

Written by Guy Walsh
29 June 2020

I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve spent the past three months staring at Celebrity Squares (ask your parents, kids). The main difference being that no one on Celebrity Squares had their pants drying behind them, and thus had no use for free Zoom backgrounds.

After being called out for the sight of my shirt drying on the wall during a networking event (thanks Paul), I decided to take advantage of the Virtual Background feature in Zoom. After a little thought, I remembered that I have a whole pile of unused pictures that other people might enjoy using as backdrops too.

I’ve selected seven of my favourites and posted them here for you to download for personal use only (as in you can’t resell them or use them commercially – you’re very welcome to use them for business meetings). At the bottom of this post I’ve also included directions on how to use them with the Windows 10 version of Zoom. There are likely to be slight differences when using other devices but I dare say the process will be very similar.

To save the images: Left-click on the image that you’d like to download to bring it up at full size, then right-click and select Save Image As (or similar). Alternatively, you can download this zip file containing all seven.

Newhaven Port at Sunset

Taken on 25th June this year, before which I had no idea there was a beach at the end of Newhaven Port!

I was out on one of my late-evening sunset hunts – usually I pick a starting point and wander until I find something interesting to shoot. I was hoping to catch a boat or two coming through here but was quite happy with this as a final image.

Rock Common Quarry, Washington

Sadly not THAT Washington – though if you want to fly me over I’ll happily photograph quarries there too.

No, this is Washington in West Sussex, and another accidental find. I’d been to take some photos of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Warminghurst and had a spare bit of time on the way home, so I looked on Google Maps for some nearby water to shoot at sunset and somehow ended up here. It’s a fascniating location – the signs warning of quicksand brought back lots of 80’s TV childhood memories!

Horsebridge Mill, Hailsham

An old abandoned mill in Horsebridge, surprisingly. I have to be honest, my room doesn’t look hugely different so this one’s a bit redundant for my use.

Knepp Castle Estate, Horsham

Want something a little more stately? There was heavy shadow by the time I reached the estate (I say I reached it- the grounds are private so this was taken from the public footpath) and I was on a mission to get to the remains of Knepp Castle before sunset so this was a pot-shot on the way. Still, it looks more professional than that poster of Britney Spears on your wall, doesn’t it? And that’s what free Zoom backgrounds are all about!

Rolling Hills near Portslade

This is slowly turning into one of my favourite images and will likely be available in print format once I get my art store off the ground. I love the highlights on the grass, the hills rolling towards you, and the purple and orange sunset.

Giant Pond on the Knepp Castle Estate

Another one from the Knepp Castle Estate. I have no idea if this is technically a pond. What exactly constititutes a pond? I did look on Google Maps to see if this body of water has a name but there wasn’t one there. Oh well.

The Barn in the Woods

From a recent walk around the Ditchling Road area just north of Brighton. I love the way the orange sunset feeds through the leaves and onto the trees, and a beaten-up old barn like this always sends my mind to scary places. That’s a reason I left the woods shortly after taking this photo.

Download them all

Can’t decide which to use? Click here to download all of the Free Zoom Backgrounds in a zip file.

How to install free Zoom backgrounds (Windows)

Installing Virtual Backgrounds Prior to a Meeting

  1. Click on the settings button (see red scribble below)
  1. Click Virtual Background in the left-hand menu.
  1. Click on the plus arrow.
  2. Click add image.
  3. Select the image from wherever you saved it on your hard drive. Job done!

Once you’ve installed your picture, you won’t need to do it again as you can select it from the previewed pictures in the grid.

Installing Virtual Backgrounds Once in a Meeting

  1. Click the tiny symbol next to the start/stop video button (see red scribble below).
  2. Click Choose Virtual Background.
  1. Click on the plus arrow.
  2. Click add image.
  3. Select the image from wherever you saved it on your hard drive. Job done!

Once you’ve installed your picture, you won’t need to do it again as you can select it from the previewed pictures in the grid.

Did you like my free Zoom backgrounds?

Was this helpful? Are there any other images of mine you’d like to see me make available? I always love hearing from you with your ideas so please get in touch with your thoughts!

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