Traits of my favourite event photography clients

Written by Guy Walsh

I love shooting events. I love the energy, the candid faces, the networking and connections you see taking place, and I love learning new things from industries that I’m completely unfamiliar with.

I love shooting personal events too. Seeing the bond between families and being part of treasured moments is a privilege and I’m always honoured when people trust me to be part of their occasion. (NB: I don’t shoot weddings though 🤣– find out why here)

That said, here are some traits of my favourite event photography clients.

Excellent Communication Skills

Good communicators know that by providing information in a timely and organised manner, they provide the greatest opportunity to obtain the best photos.

It’s my job to help you identify moments that you want to capture. This doesn’t have to be a full breakdown of every moment, but my favourite clients usually have a list of shots in mind. Examples of such shots could be:

  • The keynote speaker with the event organiser
  • The moment that the guest of honour cuts the ribbon
  • The arrival of a VIP
  • Audience reactions to an announcement
  • Paparazzi-style arrival shots

During my pre-shoot communication with the organisers of the Escape Room Industry Conference in 2019 there were multiple talks running concurrently, so we worked out which speakers to prioritise. We also decided how to tell the story of the day by guests upon arrival, during activities throughout the day, and even in the pub afterwards.

On-Point Organisation Skills

For an event professional, this should be a given. However, sometimes the photographer can be forgotten about and this can result in missed opportunities.

When I worked with Bamboozle Theatre Company recently, I went to the venue with the set designer and event coordinator a couple of weeks beforehand to work out the best plan of action. This allowed us to look at things like where to position the printer desk, which area would be best for staged photographs, and where I could store my equipment for quick access.

Although visiting the venue isn’t always practical, by discussing these things on a pre-shoot call we can ensure that I’m in the right place at the right time – with the right equipment – for the shots you need.

When I’m offering a print-on-site service, the position of the printing desk is of crucial importance

A Clear Vision

Understanding where photography fits into the bigger picture results in a better, more coherent story being created.

At some events my job is simply to document a few key moments for historical relevance. At others, my job is to tell the story of the day – capturing emotions, engagement, and creating a future fear of missing out. Understanding what the photos will be used for afterwards will help us decide what my role will be during the event.

For example, there may be a situation where it is more important to sink into the background than to capture a close-up of a speaker – or vice-versa.

If I know that the images will be used for promotional purposes for future events, I’ll make sure that I get lots of photos of delegates enjoying themselves and/or engaging in activities, and these are more likely to be more usable in the future than pictures of speakers that may not be present at all events.

It’s also important to understand your expectations of the final images, as this will allow me to plan for bringing the appropriate equipment, including hiring from external companies if appropriate.

Key moments like a heartfelt audience reaction can help your potential customers connect with your event

A Collaborative Attitude

And last, but far from least, my favourite clients take a collaborative approach towards their photography needs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy to be left to my own devices and create a set of images that you will love.

But there’s something incredibly satisfying about sharing a vision and working collaboratively, especially when it comes off.

Want to collaborate on your next event?

Get in touch. Don’t forget that I have a couple of special offers on Christmas Party photography if you book before 30th November 2023, so let’s start the conversation now!

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